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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  June 28, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> welcome to "the journal," coming to you from dw in berlin. >> coming up in the news, eu leaders wrap up their two-day summit with an agreement to open membership talks to serbia and a pledged to spend billions tackling youth unemployment. >> cleanup in vatican city. a senior cleric is arrested and accused of corruption and fraud. >> their match against italy went down to the wire.
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>> next week croatia is set to become the 28th member state of the european union. there are other countries hoping to get on that list. one of them being serbia. >> eu heads of state and government have given the go- ahead for official accession talks in belgrade. serbia is the largest former yugoslav country. the eu's decision comes after serbia's move to normalize relations with kosovo. if all goes as planned, talks will begin by next january. >> are european affairs correspondent is standing by for us in brussels. how much support was there for the start of these membership talks with serbia? >> these are the kinds of decision that the eu can only make unanimously. that means that all eu countries have to agree. they did.
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they decided to open accession talks at the latest in january 2014. there is still one political condition to fell. the you will be monitoring very closely -- fulfill. the eu will be monitoring very closely how serbia and kosovo will improve their relations. >[no audio] >> we lost the line. we are onto another issue. european leaders made a pledge to throw billions at the problem of youth unemployment. >> 25% of europe's youth are without jobs. that figure is up to 50% in a few countries. it would not be an eu summit without some serious haggling and negotiations. there was a last-minute snag over the long-term budget. >> it was a long night for chancellor angela merkel and other european leaders.
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their efforts paid off. after eight hours of marathon negotiations, leaders signed off on the you's next seven-year budget -- eu's next seven-year budget rat. the budget deal said society 6 billion euros to get young europeans back to work -- deal sets aside 6 billion euros to get young europeans back to work. >> my focus is to start using the 6 billion that has been advocated. in a year and a half, we will have to see if it is working. >> french president francois hollande also welcomed the agreement and reaffirmed his commitment to reducing youth joblessness. >> any additional financial wiggle room that we can create beyond 2015 and 2016 should be used to bring down the number of
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young people now without work. >> chancellor merkel is making the final -- fight against youth unemployment a campaign issue. she is hosting a summit on the problem next week in berlin. >> we've have our correspondent back on the line. we were talking about the decision to start membership talks with serbia. >> that's right. eu leaders made the decision to open accession talks in january 2014. there is one political condition still to fulfill. the eu will be monitoring if serbia and its former province kosovo stick to their agreement to improve their relations.
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in theory, there is still the option of putting in a veto or postponing the beginning of the talks. the eu decided to start talks on a so-called association agreement with kosovo. that would be the first step on the path that could eventually lead to kosovo's accession to the eu as well. >> when it comes to the 6 billion euros allocated for youth unemployment, were you hearing that is enough? is that a big leap forward, or is there criticism? >> the actual sum was no longer a topic of discussion in brussels. [no audio] >> we have lost nina again. >> there is been a whole profile money laundering bust in the vatican. he was accused of trying to smuggle in 26 million euros from switzerland. >> the vatican bank has been fighting accusations of money laundering and corruption for years. the latest scandal comes days
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after pope francis set up a special investigation of the bank. >> critics have accused high- ranking church officials of keeping close ties to the mafia and using the vatican bank to launder money. the arrest opens a fresh chapter in the investigation into the vatican finances. he is accused of offering a former italian secret service agent 400,000 euros to smuggle millions of euros in cash from switzerland into italy aboard an italian government plane. his arrest came days after pope francis announced a sweeping probe into the institute for works of religion, the vatican 's private bank. critics say the bank's murky structure makes it a safe haven for dirty money.
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the former head of the vatican bank was forced to resign last year for his part in a series of dubious money transfers. the vatican bank is directed by a group of five cardinals appointed by the pope. the commission of cardinals then appoints the bank's board of directors and their president. the bank's records are not made public and all information about its finances is based on guesswork or leaked information. despite continuing criticism, the banks leadership has denied allegations of criminal wrongdoing. john, who is he and what is his story? >> he has been a very important member of a key finance office within the vatican, not employed by the vatican bank.
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he came under suspicion six weeks ago when he transferred allegedly 600 million euros from an account at the vatican bank. he withdrew the money, he allegedly distributed it among friends, in turn for which he received checks and then he deposited at an italian bank. the italian authorities were onto him because of that. the vatican suspended him pending the investigation. now he is accused of something even more serious. that is, paying a member of the italian intelligence service to get this money that you just mentioned out of switzerland on a private flight. >> pope francis pledged that he is serious about a cleanup of the vatican bank. >> he has been doing a number of things. he instituted a commission to
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investigate the workings of the vatican bank. it is a five-member commission and includes a harvard law professor and a very senior american. he has put a man he trusts into a senior position at the bank. as this latest scandal may be directly related to those actions by pope francis, it is alleged by some observers in the media that scarano tried to hide this money precisely because there is a crackdown. >> thank you. >> it is been a rocky start for europe's biggest forklift manufacturer. the company's public offering this morning saw shares go from 24 euros $.19.
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the former owners of the company have contributed 850 million euros towards ridding the company of its debt. >> let's head over to the frankfurt stock exchange. this ipo is being considered a disappointment. can you walk it through? >> the decision to carry off all debt, instead of using the money directly for new investment. the debt load is high. the traders hearsay is the general nervousness of the market. -- here say if the general nervousness of the market. in the long run, people think it could be a viable share. >> we are wrapping up the week. we are ending on a sour note. what else is driving trading? >> it is ending on a sour note.
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there is nervousness about the further course of the economy and above all, the central banks. when you look at the end of the quarter, end of the half year, the dax is still in the positive zone, hanging on between four percent and five percent. for the day, if we look at the dax and euro stoxx and the tables we have, it is clear that most of the shares are losing. when we look at the wall street, the dow was also down. clearly not a good thing towards the end of the week. the euro turning from positive to negative. >> may be better luck on monday. >> a decision from the united states is criticized regarding duty-free privileges.
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>> over 1200 people were killed in the building collapse incident. clothing exports to the united states are not duty-free, but it could prompt the you to take a similar --eu to take similar action. >> ethnic violence has claimed many lives. violence has been escalating between the muslim north and christian south. >> at least 20 of the dead were killed by soldiers responding to the attacks in three villages. officials say t latest violence does not appear to be related to the local islamist insurgency in the northeast of the country. >> president barack obama is heading for south africa on the second leg of his africa trip. you'll arrive at a time when all of the eyes of the entire nation are on one hospital. >> that is where former president nelson mandela is lying in a critical condition.
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all night, vigils were held by the anc party for the ailing leader. ♪ >> we thank the mandela family. every child knows the story of the great man who grew up here. >> he builds a school for us. we didn't have one before. i'm really sad that he's not feeling well. he's really helped us here. >> the eastern cape province has electricity and running water as well now. from any of the town's inhabitants, life remains very simple. as nelson mandela's help has deteriorated, his birthplace has
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been swamped from journalists -- swamped by journalists from around the world. the journalists have to remain across the street from the rule location -- remote location to give the family some privacy. next-door, construction is underway. some residents say the mandela's eventual grave is being prepared. discussing such things for someone who is still alive is normally considered taboo in south africa, but among visitors to the museum, the national hero's health is also a topic of discussion. >> i wish that he could get well. we still need him. he is not just a hero to south africa. >> residents say there won't be another hero like nelson mandela. not here, not anywhere else in the world. >> coming up, we will take a look at the situation in egypt. huge protests are planned at the
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weekend as president mohammed morsi marks his first in office. >> and soccer news, we had to brazil for the confederation cup. p >> welcome back. a country divided in egypt over the presidency of mohammed morsi. at least five people have been killed in clashes between rival groups in recent days. >> the opposition is planning huge protests on sunday, demanding morsi stepping down. he has refused and rallied his own supporters in counterdemonstrations as he marks his first year in office. >> many feel the revolution has been betrayed and things have gotten worse in some ways. >> egypt is tense going into the weekend. here in cairo, cars are backed up for kilometers at the gas stations which are still selling fuel.
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life has not gotten any easier for egyptians. power outages, unemployment, rising prices and now fuel shortages. waiting for hours and days takes its toll on people. >> i have needed petrol since yesterday. i have been here since 7:00 this morning. under the previous regime, there were thieves who wanted to get rich, but we never had this kind of crisis. not like this. >> of course i'll be on the street on sunday. i want him out. we don't want morsi. he's been in power for a year and we don't even have enough to eat. >> many egyptians are angry at president mohammed morsi. the former chairman of the muslim brotherhood took the oath of office at the constitutional court on june 30, 2012. as the country's first democratically elected president. religious conservatives were euphoric. on the international scene,
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morsi initially made a positive impression. then secretary of state ellery clinton praised him for helping to negotiate a cease-fire between israelis and palestinians -- former secretary of state hillary clinton praised him for helping to negotiate a cease-fire between israelis and palestinians. critics say he has scaled to secure basic freedoms -- failed to secure basic freedoms. mass protests became a nearly daily occurrence. street violence was frequent whenever supporters and opponents of the president crossed paths. earlier this year the tensions appeared to ease. the sense of frustration among many has grown in recent months. various opposition groups have appeared across the country, from upper egypt to the nile delta. a group called "rebel" are continuing to collect signatures.
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activists say they have gathered more than 15 million signatures, calling on mohammed morsi to step down and hold new elections. >> the people have the power. we have more than 15 million voters who say to this regime it should go. >> the islamists are under pressure. last week after friday prayers, the muslim brotherhood held a mass rally in cairo. many are angry at those who they see as unfairly criticizing the president. they believe morsi has done a good job since taking office and has had to deal with difficult circumstances. >> morsi has had to come to terms with a corrupt regime that was in power for 30 years. >> i'm here to support the democratically elected president who governs with the will of the people. >> the rebels say they have collected millions of signatures against the president. the square is here. let them show their tens of
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millions. where are they then? >> on wednesday evening the president attempted to highlight his achievements and calm the mood in a two and a half hour televised address to the nation. >> anti-morsi activists say they have gathered millions of signatures on a petition calling for the president to step down. i asked the director of reporting democracy international an expert on constitutional law in the middle east if such a petition is legally valid under egyptian constitutional law. >> no. the signatures do not have any legal value. you cannot force a president out of his office. the significance is political. there has been a sense of crisis
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since the revolution. the 16 million signatures are probably a symptom of that fever pitch now. we are in year three of the post-mubarak era. there is still a sense that the country is not getting to any stability. >> who would be legally entitled to unseat the president? >> according to the constitution, you have very narrow possibilities for impeachment. but that would not work now because there is no house in parliament that would be in charge of such a thing. a legal challenge to the president would be very difficult. >> what role does the military play in this process? >> i think we should or member that the military -- or member that the military managed the transition -- remember that the military managed the transition after mubarak.
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the people were happy when the military council less -- left last summer. the military is not too eager to return to the limelight. i feel if instability gets out of any bounce, there may be a point where the military says, we have to save this nation and we now step in. >> morsi has made a lot of mistakes since he took office a year ago, hasn't he? >> he was dealt a very difficult hand. he had a lot of opposition against him. not only the political parties on the right and left of his party, but also the judges who are relatively hostile to him and the military council that was still in place. and the economy was in shatters. he then moved the military council back. he retired his generals. he mediated in the gaza crisis and got some international recognition. after that, i feel the
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overplayed his hand to a degree and he rushed through a constitution. he declared himself immune. he presented a cabinet that was very narrow and partisan. on the way he lost a lot of support. we have been saying from the beginning that especially the constitution, he has to be inclusive or the constitution will not bring any stability. i think such a transition you can compare to a -- driving a car on a muddy road. if you go too slowly, you get stuck. if you go too fast, you skid off the road. he was driving too fast. >> director of reporting democracy international, thank you for talking to us on dw. >> there is been civil unrest in brazil, where police and protesters have clashed in a northeastern city which hosted the federation cup semifinal between italy and spain on thursday night. >> inside the stadium, the play went ahead, with spain booking their tickets to the
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confederation cup finals. it was a smash going all the way to a penalty shootout. >> for two hours, italy fought the good fight. but spain was left to celebrating in a repeat of last year's european championship final. >> it was a tough match and we knew it would be. we knew any little detail could tip the game one way or the other. in the end, we won. >> spain coach got off to a slow start. italy played tight defense and made several dangerous advances, but spain kept them at bay. at halftime, he didn't wait to the locker room to give his team a dressing down. spain remained uninspired. a golden opportunity was missed in the 85th minute. the pace picked up an extra time.
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both sides saw a lot of chances but neither could find the net. >> this is our way of playing. we don't always win, but we always try. we have to find more determination and conviction. tonight we show we are on par with the best team in the world. >> a came down to a penalty shootout. both sides converted six apiece before the italian fired high and wide. adrian confederation cup final set up, spain versus brazil -- a dream confederation cup final set up, spain versus brazil. >> the doping scandals that rocked the sport in general have cast a major shadow on the celebrations. many cycling fans will be wondering whether the winner is clean or got a little extra help.
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>> the cycling event is struggling for credibility. a celebratory show is planned for the centennial race. 22 teams are taking part in this year's competition. >> the tour is part of our national heritage. it joins people from all classes in all ages. it will continue to survive and is stronger than any fraud which occurs in all disciplines. >> but organizers are finding it hard to shake off the doubts over the systematic doping that took place in past wars. few winners of the last 20 years are thought to be completely innocent. in october, lance armstrong. race officials insist that safeguards now exist to prevent cheating. >> we have an improved control system in place. our rules are tougher than those of the world cycling federation. >> the race's top riders will
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be subject to extra scrutiny. that includes the race favorite. last year the prison came in second overall. this time --- briton came in second overall. this time many think he could win. >> i feel in great condition. i'm looking forward to getting into the race. >> germany's tony martin from the belgian team is one of the top time trial candidates. the world champion could end up in the race leader's yellow jersey. >> that's it for now. good to have you with us. >> have a good weekend.
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>> a supreme court decision that they did american rights activists say it undermines a decade of laws that protect tribal sovereignty. we examine the impact of the baby veronica and rolling. and the latest on the great walkout. campaigners suggested retail giant has retaliated by firing several workers for going on strike. is that legal? you are watching "inside story."


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